Iberian Acorn Pig

The Iberian Acorn Pig

The Iberian Acorn Pig is considered a gastronomic gem because of its breed and traditional acorn mast. The animals are reared in freedom and eat only acorns, grasses and aromatic herbs of the pasture. In the Montanera season, the last fattening season, the fruits of the oak trees serve as a staple food.

Sufficient movement

Through the daily search for food, the pigs are always on the move. This physical effort not only delays the fattening but also results in higher fat infiltration.

The animals are able to store fat between the muscles, which enhances their aroma and taste and contributes to the unique texture of the Iberian products.

The breeding of Iberian acorn pigs is tedious and costly. Three pigs alone are able to eat the grasses and acorns of about two hectares of pasture. During the fattening phase, each animal can eat up to 12 kilos of acorns in a single day. That the effort is worthwhile is clear at the latest when enjoying the aromatic, juicy meat and first-class acorn ham.

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