Spanish recipe: Aioli with black garlic

Black garlic is in trend. It is an ingredient with very positive properties for our body and can be used in many recipes as a substitute for conventional garlic. In this post we show you how to make an original black garlic aioli. 

Ingredients for black garlic alioli (4 persons)

Black garlic aioli recipe step by step

1. Carefully peel the black garlic cloves as they are a little more sensitive than freshness. We also peel the garlic cloves and pull out the germ so that the garlic does not cause a resound.

2. Enter the black garlic and garlic in the blender and add the egg and salt. Pour the sunflower oil and beat at low speed without depositing the mixer from the bottom of the glass until the mixture begins to emulsify.

3. Add the olive oil, beat low speed and add the lemon juice, beat the mixture again for a few seconds.

4. We can serve the aioli directly or store in a glass in the refrigerator to consume it later.

You can use the black garlic aioli with fish, meat and rice dishes, basically just as a conventional aioli.